Searchable Employee Directory

Searchable Employee Directory

We are looking for a directory for our employees.  While searching online,  I noticed most of them were connected to an LMS and many as an HR component. Only one is not and were are thinking of buying their service because of what they offer.

Have you thought of adding Searchable Employee Directory to Gyrus? It would make it so much easier for us (and possibly others!)

We are looking at Pingboard as an example. They have what we like: the staff can add their own tags such as what languages they speak, any specialized skills, and other things we can turn off and on. We can see a calendar that shows who is at conference or out sick. They have a wonderful "Applause" where you can congratulate someone or show your appreciation for what they do.

But they're not Gyrus! I even asked them how open they are to suggestions and they said not very.

So if you're thinking of expanding Gyrus, This might be the way to go.