General Improvement Suggestions

General Improvement Suggestions

Dear Support

Just wanted to check if we can have the below options added for our LMS platform,

1. Option to save the eLearning and sent it for the Approvel prior to publishing it to the platform for everyone's use.
2. I know the custom report option is available, but that's very difficult to create, have something easy option to create or proide some training for the same so that we can elimnate the unwanted options from the training transcript.
3. Option to alert if anyone is make more than required attempts for any eLearning with assessment, for example, if any student crossing the no of attempts let's say 3 attempts then they should need to have the proper training or approval from their manager to go for the next attempts.
Though we have all our eLearning trainings with "Required Approval" thing but it's dificult to identify for the admin too that the student sent how many request for any particular attempt. Currntly when  admin/supervisor recived the approval for LO enrollment has the name of training, date, and code it may also have the additional option as the No of approval for this training from that user.

4. There is an option to rename the culture value, but this not exactly effecting on all the fields. In our case we don't want to have the Student/Job instead we wanted to have Employee/Department even if we rename the culture value it's not updating in all the places.

5. Training assignment: While assigning the training there should be an option for currently assigned and we can add the other people from the list instead of the check boxes.